Monday, January 25, 2016

E19: Fields of the Nephilim

This week we're discussing yet another classic gothic rock band, Fields of the Nephilim. The band has definitely had an interesting career and have had their ups and downs with members leaving, interesting side-projects and record label interference. Dr.Sanders and Robbie Gore take a look at their first four official albums Dawnrazor (1987), The Nephilim (1988), Elizium (1990), and Mourning Sun (2005) while also mentioning some of the behind the scenes obstacles faced by the band.

In this week's news segment we briefly discuss the death of legend David Bowie and our experience at a 45 Grave show.

Monday, January 18, 2016

E18: The Cure - Part 4 - 4:13 Dream, Oddities and Live Albums

This is our fourth and final part of our discussion about The Cure's career and it covers their (as of 2016) most current album 4:13 Dream (2008), oddities, and all of their official Live Albums. This particular episode is full of mostly lesser known albums, but many of them come highly recommended.

Monday, January 11, 2016

E17: Rosetta Stone

This week we're taking a look at a lesser known band called Rosetta Stone. They were active from the mid-eighties until around the year 2000 and were definitely influenced by the evolving industrial scene during the recording of their later albums. Early in the band's career they had a very gothic rock sound that produced some very catchy and unique tracks, but does their catalog of albums include a plethora of hidden gems or merely a collection of average songs? Listen and find out what we think of the albums An Eye For the Main Chance (1991), Adrenaline (1992), Chemical Emissions (1998), Unerotica (2000) and the live release Under the Rose (1991)

Note: On this episode's news segment we discuss and wish David Bowie a Happy 69th Birthday. The day after recording the episode, David Bowie unfortunately passed away due to complications from cancer.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

E16: Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World, Rosemary’s Baby, and The Legend of Hell House

We thought it would be a great way to start the new year with another movie episode. So this week we review three movies that are currently streaming on Netlfix (At least in America), and they are Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World (2014), Rosemary’s Baby (1968), and The Legend of Hell House (1973). So if you're looking to add a little darkness to your new year, these are some excellent choices whether you're looking for an obscure horror film, a classic film, or a new perspective on a great artist. We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and you enjoy this episode. Stay Spooky!